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    ( 100% PURE THE REAL DEAL MÄ€NUKA HONEY from New Zealand )


    We produce genuine, high quality mānuka honey taken straight from hand managed hives on a family property, out where it is clean and green.

    Mānuka honey is more than just a natural sweetener: it is renown for unique properties that may improve health and well-being.

    Sleep & Digestion

    Take one teaspoon of mānuka honey with a warm cup of milk at bedtime. You may find it improves digestion and helps you sleep better.

    Health & Beauty

    Taken daily, the sucrose & glucose in Mānuka honey has an elixir effect that may boost energy and enhance your well-being. Can also be used topically on acne and damaged hair.

    Immunity & Infection

    Mānuka honey is valued by our customers and medical professionals for its apparent antibacterial properties, with amazing results on wounds, burns and skin conditions such as eczema.

    What is UMF?


    Unique Mānuka Factor

    The unique antibacterial properties of mānuka honey were first discovered in 1982 by Dr Peter Molan, retired professor of Biological Sciences at Waikato University.

    The UMF™ grading system measures the special, unique characteristics of YOBEES honey to ensure purity and quality. The four key markers include Leptosperin (an authentication process to be labelled as Mānuka honey), Hydroxymethylfurfural (DHA) and Methylglyoxal (MGO/MG). This grading system is considered to be the strictest and the highest graded mānuka honey measurement available.

    The UMF™ standard is not just a rating. YOBEES honey is put through a range of tests, audits, and rigorous controls by an independent MPI (Ministry of Primary Industries NZ) recognised laboratory to ensure it is 100% natural, unadulterated, pure New Zealand mānuka honey. That is a guarantee. A company producing and selling mānuka honey must be licensed by Unique Mānuka Factor Honey Association (UMFHA) an independent body establised in Zealand in 1998.

    UMF™ is the only licensed and audited grading system that ensures YOBEES honey is both true to the label and good for you.

    To learn more visit the Waikato University website: waikato.academia.edu/PeterMolan/Papers.



    Low Grade: < 10+ UMF

    Any mānuka honey under 10 UMF is unlikely to provide any noticeable benefit but is still a high quality monofloral honey and a great natural sweetener.

    Medium Grade: 10+ UMF

    Excellent for everyday use to support the immune system. Take a teaspoon per day in a hot drink, breakfast cereal or by itself.

    High Grade: 15+ UMF

    May help as an immunity booster to stave off colds when taken orally, or help with wound healing when applied topically.

    Superior High Grade: 20+ UMF >

    Often used by medical professionals to help the body fight infection. Generally applied topically, or orally for quick results, though the taste can be very strong.

    Leptospermum Scoparium


    Purity & Quality

    Mānuka* [maa·noo·ka] honey is a mono-floral honey produced from the nectar of the mānuka tree, Leptospermum Scoparium, which is indigenous to New Zealand. It is the nectar and the bee that give this honey its unique properties.

    * The word Manuka is derived from the indigenous Maori language of New Zealand



    YOBEES is proud to be a small business, pouring our passion for high quality, natural, mānuka honey into every step of production, from our selectively-bred mānuka cultivars, to our healthy hives, to your happy home.

    Pure New Zealand Mānuka Honey


    • UMF 5+ Mānuka Honey - 500g
    • UMF 10+ Mānuka Honey - 250g
    • UMF 12+ Mānuka Honey - 250g
    • UMF 15+ Mānuka Honey - 250g
    • UMF 18+ Mānuka Honey - 250g
    • UMF 20+ Mānuka Honey - 250g
    • UMF 23+ Mānuka Honey - 250g
    • UMF 25+ Mānuka Honey - 250g

    *Minimum order quantity is 1500 jars [a palate].

    *We welcome enquires from wholesalers with direct access to the farm. FOB prices will be quoted as per requirements – quantity and UMF grade.

    *Special arrangements can be made for customers own labels with our prevailing terms & conditions.

    Bulk Mānuka Honey

    • MGO 83 / UMF 5+ Mānuka Honey
    • MGO 222 / UMF 10+ Mānuka Honey
    • MGO 256 / UMF 12+ Mānuka Honey
    • MGO 514 / UMF 15+ Mānuka Honey
    • MGO 696 / UMF 18+ Mānuka Honey
    • MGO 829 / UMF 20+ Mānuka Honey
    • MGO 1122 / UMF 23+ Mānuka Honey
    • MGO 1122 / UMF 25+ Mānuka Honey

      We welcome bulk buyers, subject to our prevailing terms and conditions.

      Bulk purchases are supplied in 210 liter / 179 kg drums and priced by weight.

    Mānuka Honey Chocolate

    Box of Pure New Zealand Mānuka Honey & Chocolate 'Bombs'

    *We recommend airfreight with special delivery packages.

    *Minimum order quantity applies – kindly enquire via the European Office please.

    Premium Mānuka Honey Chocolate with Gold Dust!

    Mānuka Honey Lozenges

    *We recommend airfreight with special delivery packages.
    *Minimum order quantity applies – kindly enquire via our European Office please.