Go Green Stay Green and reduce the carbon Footprint™

About Us

Historically, AGK-World’s corporate aim was to promote products to reduce the carbon (CO2) footprint by the application of LED lamps, Solar PV & associated lighting gears to reduce energy consumption. This market sector is growing exponentially.

Moving dynamically to meet the needs of ever-evolving world market we added products such as PPE - medical and non-medical gloves, face masks and protective garments.

On the forefront of the technological wave, we included IoT, LoRa & Wi-Fi based medical equipment, remote patient monitoring system, Bluetooth based emergency kits and RF cables to our portfolio. We have amalgamated our sister operation specializing in prototype to mass production of IC Assembly & Test capabilities. 

On the well-being consumer product, we are proud to be engaged by YOBEES, New Zealand's pure Mānuka honey farm to promote their pure honey to Europe and beyond.


To create an overall win / win / win situation for our business partners and principals whilst we continue to dynamically market / promote the products and services thus benefitting all parties - manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers alike.