Technology - Services

  • IC Assembly and Test
  • Digital Health Solutions
  • IC ASSEMBLY & TEST (Prototype to Mass Production)

    Core Competency

    • Focused as an IC packaging development partner and engineering service provider.
    • Provide current packaging technology for IC and MEMS device as well as process solution and materials.
    • Offer customer-focused quick turn engineering sample assembly, process solution, low volume production and logistic services to achieve Time-to-Market.

    Package Assembly Engineering

    • New packaging and process development.
    • Application-specific packaging design and co-develop with customers' design.

    • Substrate layout design and substrate outsourcing.

    • Thermal, structure and electrical simulation.

    • Quick turn prototype and engineering samples for functional verification and time-to-market.
    • Unique technology for quick prototype and cost-effective solution.
    • Small volume manufacturing services including but not limited to wafer grinding, wafer saw (up to 8”), Dia Attach, Wire Bond, Encapsulation, Ball Attach, Marking, Singulation for IC and MEMS products.


    Outsourcing management

    • When customer demand outgrows capacity, ATC will provide outsourcing management service.
    • Outsourcing management services include wafer sort, assembly and test via subcontractors located in Asia Pacific.
    • Our capability and knowledge can assist IC design houses manage back-end services to meet their need to cater for a diverse customer base.


    ATC can enhance value to your outsourcing needs with excellent benefits

    Value Added Activities - our teams’ experience and capability to implement cost reduction methodology on existing backend process to achieve cost reduction through:-

    • Package design improvement & assembly Material Standardization.
    • Reduce clients’ cost by offering labor arbitrage, office supplies, technical know-how, benchmark skill, process streamline and process optimization, etc.


    Real Time Support 

    Our capabilities include - to provide real time support for our client’s manufacturing operations:-

    • Package design improvement & assembly Material Standardization.
    • Yield, On-time Delivery, and Cycle time
    • Daily / Weekly Report on the Manufacturing Indices
    • Improve Client’s Manufacturing Operations
    • Qualification per client’s specifications


    • ATC has been a committed partner thus closely collaborating with customers and will continue to support customers future successes.
    • Focus efforts on total engineering expertise and reduce delivery time.
    • Enhanced and responsive service.
    • Continue to improve total performance and offer cost-effective solutions.

    Technology Development

    MEMS-Based Pressure Sensor

    MEMS Microphone


    Remote Patient Monitoring Solution

    Key Features

    • Surgery specific quick dashboard
    • Patient registration
    • Surgery schedule management
    • Capture OT notes
    • One page view for complete EMR
    • Nutrition, Activity template & Tracking
    • Symptoms/complication monitoring
    • Doctor clinical notes
    • E-Prescription
    • Chat communication; video/ audio/ text
    • Investigations trend monitoring
    • Generate medical certificate
    • Broadcast any content to patients
    • Auto generation of predefined reports on desired time frequency
    • Patient performance trend analysis
    • Predictive & live patient data analysis
    • General trend reporting
    • Symptoms trend reporting & complications correlation
    • Surgery specific performance


    Mutelcor Telemedicine Solution

    Key Features

    • Online patient registration via “doctor portal”
    • Video/ audio/ text consultation
    • Symptoms reported remotely by patient
    • Advice by doctor
    • Investigation upload by patient
    • E-prescription and advice
    • Payment gateway
    • Google Cloud based real time communication
    • Data maintenance upto 3 years & data storage


    Doctor Web Portal connects clinicians directly (almost instantaneously) with relevant patient data, it makes their daily routines more efficient and facilitates the possibility of burn-out giving clear benefits to patient care

    Patient mobile App is a real time patient monitoring that include Book Appointment, Upload Measurement ,Nutrition Tracker, Activity Tracker, Medication remainder, Google Calendar, Health Report, Audio & Video call

    Intelligent Patient Data Analytics : Doctors can have patient data in graphical as well as tabular form which saves time for the health care provider to prepare various pre-defined auto-generated reports