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Green Technology

AGK-World’s corporate aim is to promote products to reduce the carbon (CO2) footprint by the application of LED & Power LED lighting and supply & fit complete Solar PV systems and Complemenatary Services for LED , Photovotaic and other medical & scientific soceities / industries.                                                                          

AGK-World has a serious commitment to the future use of solar energy solutions as an alternative to grid based electricity supply, to be implemented on a world-wide scale thus creating sustainable solution to the world’s energy needs.

Go Green , Stay Green & Reduce the carbon Footprint


To create an overall win / win / win situations for our business partners and principals whilst we continue to implement Green Technology to sustain the reduction of Carbon Emission for a GREENER future hence encouraging all responsible parties to use Green Technology to save our Planet for the future generations. © 2009 AGK-World

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